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Business Focus

Книги и учебные материалы по английскому Общий каталог Английский для специалистов Business Focus
Business Focus

English level: Elementary and Pre-Intermediate

Elementary: David Grant, John Hughes and Robert McLarty
Elementary Teacher's Book and Workbook: John Hughes Pre-Intermediate: David Grant and Robert McLarty
Pre-Intermediate Teacher's Book: John Hughes


A two-level foundation course in business English. 100 hours of teaching material, supported by a further 100 hours of self-study materials on CD-ROM, on audio CD, in the Student's Book and Workbook.


By the authors of the successful Business Basics New Edition, Business Focus equips low-level learners with the English they need to communicate in the workplace. Business Focus is for adults in any job and at any level of employment, who need to communicate in English immediately.

Who is it for?

  • Elementary to pre-intermediate business English students.
  • Busy professionals already in business who may have completed a beginner's course in general English.

Key features

  • A genuine foundation business English course, with a carefully graded syllabus.
  • A focus on speaking and listening, and language of immediate practical use. Units feature games, role-plays, and special discussion sections, Focus on Business Issues.
  • Multilingual word and expression lists in five world languages at the back of the Elementary Student's Book, and a glossary of key words at Pre-Intermediate.
  • Every Student's Book comes with a CD-ROM including video clips from the OUP business video series Big City, and audio for all the key words. The Elementary CD-ROM also has interactive role-plays, with a record and playback facility for students to record their own voice, and a bank of model emails where students can copy and paste useful phrases into their own emails.
  • Every workbook comes with an audio CD, with additional listening material.
Student's Book
Cтраницы 60-62
(PDF: 280 KB)
Cтраницы 40-41
(PDF: 248 KB)
Student's Book
Cтраницы 4-5
(PDF: 174 KB)
Student's Book
Cтраницы 58-59
(PDF: 210 KB)
Cтраницы 44-45
(PDF: 86 KB)
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