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Новости English for Finance

01.07.2012 | English for Finance


                                                   Financial English


50 hours

3 or 2 lessons per week (2.5 or 4 months)

90 min each lesson

Program cost: 150 hrn per 60 min (corporate classes) 


This program is devoted to helping you to re-activate and expand your English skills in the day-to-day English used by financial managers, bankers, analysts, and accountants. It will give you the chance to consider some basic concepts of accounting, money and banking, trade and commerce, company finance and other economic issues.


1.       Talking figures  (numbers  practice);

2.       Accounting basics:

·         Company Law;

·         Bookkeeping and accounting principles;

·         Types of Assets;

·         Cash flow;

·         Financial statements;

·         Bankruptcy;

·         Auditing;

·         Annual general meetings;

3.       Money and Banking:

·         Forms of money;

·         Borrowing and lending;

·         Central and Commercial banking;

·         Types of bank;

·         Banking products;

·         The money supply;

·         Interest rate;

·         Insurance;

4.       Trade and Commerce:

·         Ways of selling;

·         International Trade;

·         Imports and Exports;

·         Financial Foreign Trade;

·         Pricing;

5.       Company Finance:

·         Stocks and Shares;

·         Bonds;

·         Rise and Fall;

·         Securities;

·         Financial Ratios;

·         Takeovers;

·         Business People;


6.       Economic Issues:

·         Basic Economic Terms;

·         Describing Graphs;

·         The Business Cycle;

·         Competition;

·         Inflation;

·         Unemployment;

·         Taxation;

·         Income;

·         Pay;

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